Quality assurance

From 2006. Radin print holds ISO 12647-2 PROZESS STANDARD OFFSETDRUCK certificate. It includes a standardization of complete prepress process (control of input files, imposition and colour proofs), plate imaging and printing.
Our customers need to have high-quality products was our guidance in fulfilling our goal.
Wishing to provide you the best quality service, we are tracking the development of graphic technologies and are implementing it all the time to our production processes.

Monitor calibration

  • GretagMacbeth Spectrolino
  • GretagMacbeth EyeOne

Creation of custom profiles

  • GretagMacbeth Spectroeye
  • SpectroScan
    (RGB space - CMYK space)

Color proof

  • EFI Colorproof XF
    (Fogra certified prema ISO 12647-2)
  • Simulacija ISO Web coated, ISO coated
    Fogra 28L, Fogra 27L

CGS Proof checker

  • E-Control of proofs according to Fogra 28L , Fogra 27L

Agfa balanced ABS screen raster

  • Agfa FM raster Sublima

CTP RIP dot gain compenzation

  • (dot gain) according to ISO standard 12467-2

Plate control

  • Techkon DMS 910

Automatic ink control during printing

  • Grafikontrol
    (Ink density)
  • QuadTech CCS with System Brunner Instrument flight
    (Ink density, Gray balance, Dot gain)